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It depends on how many topics and integrations you’d like. For a simple Nano trial, we can usually get you up and running in 2-3 days.

Is Ori compatible with wordpress?

Totally. Ori works great on almost any website. We give you one line of code to insert into your footer. That’s it!

Can I design the conversations?

Absolutely! We’ll recommend a starting point and work with you to construct your bot. Don’t worry – we do all the heavy lifting.

what if i offer classes or appointments?

Ori Core integrates with Google Calendar, GSuite, and Outlook. Ori Pro integrates with popular EMR/PMs including Athenahealth, Dr. Chrono, and TherapyNotes.

What if i don't like my current website?

We offer services including website design and social media marketing. We’re way cheaper than the other guys, and we’ll even host your site for you! Ask about our services offering. 

Will I need a new phone number?

No need. You’ll keep your existing number for phone calls. If you want SMS, we’ll give you a second # free of charge so customers can text Ori.